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Founded in 2005, Payless Power is an electricity provider operating in the deregulated Texas marketplace that specializes in pre-paid electricity. Payless power caters to customers who may want to avoid paying deposits or signing a contract. Customers can then monitor their usage and how much power they have left through their personal accounts. If an individual or business doesn't have a smart-meter installed, Payless Power will help coordinate the process of having one installed.

No Credit Check / No Deposit

Electricity providers in Texas generally require a credit check before accepting you as a customer. They then use the results of that credit check to determine if you will need to pay a deposit prior to your electricity being activated. Deposit amounts can vary widely among electricity companies, but they are usually between $100 and $400. Month-to-month plans may or may not require a deposit, but Pre-Paid Electricity Plans never do. You will usually be required to have an account balance of $20-$50, if your account goes below this amount your rate may increase by about 2¢/kWh.